Self Catering 2-Night Local Hunting Package(Wildebeest Bull & Cow Hunt)

R15,500 - R21,000

2-Night Hunting Package at Lichenry Hunting Safaris

Lichenry Hunting Safaris offers unique, bespoke hunting experiences for the entire family with a marked tendency towards creating hunters for life.

Self Catering Package Inclusive of the following Hunt:

  • Blue Wildebeest Bull
  • Golden Wildebeest Bull
  • Blue Wildebeest Cow
  • Golden Wildebeest Cow

Terms and Conditions

Package Includes:

Self Catering Accommodation
Professional Hunters
Hunting Vehicle
Basic Slaughter and Skinning Facilities

Package Excludes:

Meals & Beverages
Trophy, Packages, Dipping, Shipping, and Taxidermy
Additional Observer Fees